eagle guided hiking tour
eagle crag guided hiking tour
How would you like to see and enjoy Zion without the crowds? If you answered yes, then the hike to Eagle Crags is for you. You won’t be in Zion Canyon, which is where the crowds will be. Instead, you’ll see it in the distance and see it like nobody in Zion Canyon can see it. Plus, you’ll see Zion Canyon’s little brother, Parunuweap. This remote canyon was formed by the East Fork of the Virgin River.

Eagle Crags is a moderate to strenuous hike at the base of Canaan Mountain with incredible views of several major peaks in Zion National Park. Your guide will point out these peaks to you along the hike. You’ll also see several points of interest not visible from other areas near Zion Canyon, as well as the abundant flora found along the trail.

Tour Specs:


 5 hours
From trailhead roundtrip


 4,300 – 5,300 foot elevation



Moderate to strenuous in summertime due to heat


Exceptional and unique views of both Zion Canyon/Parunaweap Canyon
Views of historic town of Shunesburg and Short Creek Reservoir
Desert flora and fauna
Tour Type & Seasons Available:
Hike Ride & Hike Historic Geologic Archaeological Paleontological Winter Spring Summer Fall
Tour Price: $180.00
Tour Details:
We will start our hike just outside of Rockville Utah near the Grafton ghost town. This is the area used in scenes of the movies Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid as well as Electric Horseman.

 Starting in the north face of Canaan Mountain, we walk through pinion and juniper woodland, past cactus and possible wildflowers, winding up 3 miles to the base of the Eagle Crags.
Unique views straight up Zion Canyon and its famous and massive red and white cliffs.
Views up Parunaweap Canyon, which is like a mini Zion Canyon, and is not visible from around the Zion Canyon / Springdale area.

Towards the top we begin to see the former town of Shunesburg, now owned by the Paul Allen foundation, which is now a protected wilderness area. This former Mormon agricultural town has been abandoned for over 100 years.

Views of Trees Ranch Reservoir – Springdale’s water source.

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