zion narrows guided hiking tour
zion narrows guided hiking tour
Zion Canyon Narrows is one of the most popular and sought-after hikes in the entire United States, and for good reason – its towering walls of red sandstone walls and surreal clear waters makes it a sight to see. For anyone, Zion Narrows is an amazing experience, an experience that will last a lifetime. But to reach that amazing experience, one has to do some extra work and preparation in order to tackle the Narrows. At Greater Zion Tours, our goal is to help you prepare for that experience and lead you into the Narrows.

Unfortunately, with Zion Narrows being such a spectacle to see, everyone else wants to see it too, making the Narrows a busy place. Many people don’t know what’s involved in hiking the Narrows. When you book a day tour of the Narrows through Greater Zion Tours, you’re not just getting a tour, you’re purchasing expertise that will help you navigate the many challenges of seeing the Narrows.

Tour Specs:


 6-8 hours
 6-7 miles (9.6-11.2 km) roundtrip


 Minimal gain/loss



 Walking on "wet bowling balls"
 Walking in rushing water
 Water depth may be waist deep or more


 The beauty of Zion Narrows
 One of the deepest slot canyons
 Waterfalls, Cascades and Hanging Gardens
 Beautifully sculpted sandstone
Tour Type & Seasons Available:
Hike Ride & Hike Historic Geologic Archaeological Paleontological Winter Spring Summer Fall
Tour Price: $265.00
(Includes equipment)
Tour Details:
Depending on your hiking level and time of year you plan to visit Zion National Park, we’ll help you prepare for your visit and order the appropriate rental hiking equipment to help your hike be easier. Many people think they can use their normal hiking equipment, such as boots and trekking poles, or maybe flip-flops, up the Narrows for a walk in the park. This type of equipment is not a good choice for the Narrows.

The right choice of equipment for hiking the narrows is submergible hiking boots, water socks, and a wooden pole that won’t collapse like trekking poles do. When the weather gets cooler, which means there will be less people in the Narrows, we’ll get you set up with special pants or waders where you won’t get cold.

Part of the service that Greater Zion Tours provides when you use our guiding services is getting all the right equipment at a convenient place, close to Zion Canyon. Once we get you outfitted, you’ll enjoy the Narrows even more as we narrate about all the things you’ll want to know about in Zion Canyon, along with pointing out all the features to see.

The hike into Zion Narrows is about 6 miles (9.6 km) roundtrip. About 4 of those miles (6.4 km) will be walking in and out of the rushing Virgin River. The water may be anywhere from one to three feet (0.3-1 m) deep; sometimes four feet deep depending on the season. We like to say that hiking in the Virgin River, which is full of rounded boulders, is like hiking on top of wet bowling balls. You’ll find that it takes extra coordination and different muscles to hike this type of terrain. When we begin hiking in the river, we’ll be there to coach you with this unique kind of hiking.

Safety info: Here are some thoughts to consider when deciding on a Narrows guided hike. This will be a challenging hike through the water. It’s unlike any other hike, anywhere. In the Narrows you will be walking primarily in the water for the whole hike, and the floor of the canyon is slippery and full of large boulders. The flow of the river, along with the terrain, make this a challenging day for most people. Using the correct gear and hiring a guide will be the easiest way to insure a safe and scenic adventure in the Narrows. We will not run tours if the river flow is past 125 cubic feet per second. We also won’t run tours when there are impending thunderstorms predicted. Thunderstorms tend to occur in the afternoons between July 15 and September 15, but can occur anytime during the year.

This website is what we use to monitor flow rate in the Virgin River: https://waterdata.usgs.gov/monitoring-location/09405500/#parameterCode=00060&period=P7D.

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